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Funding & Scholarships

Bursary Funding and Scholarships are available for eligible students.

BASE performing Arts shall offer alternative options of funding and scholarships, please see below. Our funding options allow for financial support in accessing the highest quality of dance training.


For details about our annual course fee please see our course fees page.


BPA has introduced its Bursary Funding, to support students from lower-income backgrounds with their annual tuition fees if choosing to apply for the top-up course.

The Bursary Funding is offered to eligible students in different figures, with the maximum amount being the entire course fee being awarded.

BASE Performing Arts is committed to ensuring fair access for students who have the talent and potential to benefit from education and training, regardless of their background.

If you would like to apply for the Bursary Funding scheme, an option to complete this form will be offered when you are contacted in regards to your BPA audition.



BPA offers scholarships to exceptional talent which may be discovered during the audition process.

This award will be available to all applicants during the audition process.

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